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Need Permission Loft Conversion by Loft Conversions Uk

Planning permission is not normally required when doing a loft conversion but it never hurts to check. If your UK property is listed or located in a conversation area, then you will need to apply for planning permission. If your planned loft conversion does not meet set criteria then you will need to complete a planning application.

Contact Local UK Planning Authority For Conversion Permission

Questions about the rules in place or need to clarify anything? It' s always better to be safe than sorry and to contact your local planning authority. We always say that it's better to contact your planning authority before drafting final plans for a loft conversion to avoid any troubles or added costs.

You can increase your chances of securing planning permission for your loft conversion with a couple of easy tweaks. To increase your chances of planning permission it's worth proposing to use products that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

UK, United Kingdom Building Regulations

When converting a loft, you will always need building regulations approval. Building regulations are in place to make sure that any work done is structurally sound, that the new room of your loft conversion is fire safe and that sound is reasonably insulated between the loft and the rooms below.

If you are carrying out loft conversion works and are managing the project yourself you should arrange conversion insurance to cover the new works and the existing structure. Loft conversion projects can be complex and often include liability assumed under the Party Wall Act 1996, so it's worth discussing your project with a specialist site insurance provider before proceeding.

Loft Conversions Uk Rules And Regulations For Loft Conversions

The regulations your loft conversion needs to conform to will be similar across the UK but do differ slightly. According to the UK council, all dormers on principal elevations (fronts of homes) and all dormers in conservation areas or on listed buildings require planning permission.

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