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Loft Conversion Cost Uk by Loft Conversions Uk

Converting your loft in UK is a pretty easy way to increase the size and value of your property. On this page we have created a table with the average prices for loft conversion in the UK.

Average Loft Conversion Costs From Loft Conversions Uk

The hip-to-gable loft conversion price varies depending on what else you have done to the loft.

For a deluxe loft conversion you can expect to pay from £19,950 to £24,800.

Loft Conversion Specialists In UK, United Kingdom

A basic loft conversion cost in the United Kingdom for a 20m² loft ranges from £8,750 to £10,850. The prices are slightly higher in some areas due to increased labour and material prices.

Loft Conversions Uk contacted several loft conversion specialists and companies and requested information about the average mansard loft conversion cost, to help you get a better ideas of how much is a mansard loft conversion.

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