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Planning Permission

Understand that a loft conversion could be constructed up to a volume of 40 cubic metres for a terraced property and 50 cubic metres for a semi-detached before it get the required planning permission. Here at Loft Conversion Lichfield, our experienced team make sure that every area of your build is carried out expertly, and we can provide the complete full service, from applying for planning permission, to designing, constructing and decorating your new space. With the exception of extending the roof space or going beyond the listed limits; for instance, if you live in a conservation area, or if your dormer is presently higher than the highest section of your roof, getting a planning permission is unnecessary. We know these changes may mean that your loft conversion can be carried out as permitted development (provided certain criteria is met), meaning you will not require planning permission to carry out the work.

Some of our clients that live in lofts are happy to consult you on the type that would be best suited for your property on a site survey before you consult your architect or read more for a detailed breakdown of loft conversion types; stage 1 involves architect drawings are the first step in bringing your loft ideas into an illustration. Some of the most popular loft conversion types at Loft Conversion Lichfield are those where the conversion is as simple as a mere extension to an already existing roof.
You need dormer loft conversions for home or commercially, Loft Conversion Lichfield can cater to it and the hip to gable loft conversions in a price of your choice. An I-shaped dormer loft conversion is ideal for increasing the space and that can enhance it around 40m3 of space.
For inspiration, check out the examples of loft conversion or get in touch with Loft Conversion Lichfield to find out how we can help you take your home to the next level. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Loft Conversion Lichfield for any conversion projects you may consider.
Call one of our builders today and we'll provide you with everything you need to know regarding your loft conversions in Lichfield. Do not hesitate to call us if you need help with any of the following building services; builders, extension builders, building companies, driveway layers, loft conversions in Lichfield and professional floor tillers.

A Loft Conversion Lichfield Loft Conversion Can Add Value to Your Home

Once you have read Loft Conversion Lichfield reviews and meeting a specialist from the company, you are more than ready to come to a decision on which loft conversion company to hire. Loft Conversion Lichfield is the premier loft conversion company in Lichfield and we have a team of highly trained loft conversion specialists.

Loft Conversion Lichfield Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

hip to gable conversions are popular among homeowners with semi-detached or detached properties, end of terraces, and bungalows, if you're planning a hip to gable conversion in Leamonsley or Stowe all you need is a Loft Conversion LichfieldXX in Lichfield. Hip-to-gable includes at least one of the hips being supplanted with a gabled wall (where the rooftop inclines in from the side (s) just as the front and back).

En-suite Loft Conversion by Loft Conversion Lichfield

Loft Conversion Lichfield has complete loft conversion with en-suite. One of my colleagues recently had a one bedroom with en-suit loft conversion built on a property in Lichfield, and the final price was £47000.

Experienced Loft Conversion Company in Lichfield, Staffordshire

Loft Conversion Lichfield has a dedicated team of trade professionals who, between them, have years of loft conversion experience. Loft Conversion Lichfield is recruiting loft conversion carpenters and teams required due to increased demand, it is looking for self employed carpenters with loft conversion experience.

Loft Conversion Lichfield Offer Loft Conversion Ideas

If you are still unsure about where to get loft conversion ideas in Lichfield, then contact Loft Conversion Lichfield for sensational ideas to use vacant space. Loft Conversion Lichfield provides different loft conversion ideas at low costs.