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Planning Permission

Loft Conversion Ewell produce the type of drawings that are required for planning permission applications, building regulations approval that a builder can follow to produce your home extension, loft conversion or internal alteration. Alterations of the roof outline might require planning permission. Understand that once planning permission is sorted, you'll need to deal with the current building regulations affecting loft conversions. Here at Loft Conversion Ewell, we can help to get planning permission if needed, advice you on your choice of party wall, plans and drawings, complete the building, handle building regulations, structural engineering, and fix kitchens, new boilers and plumbing throughout Ewell.

Loft Conversion Ewell previous building development projects included a wide range of roof conversions tasks; from dark and damp basements to roof retrofitting and installation of roof windows and luxury windows. You may feel that you've outgrown your current home but love the area, have friends, Loft Conversion Ewell in Ewell builds all the major styles of roof conversions from dormers and mansards in terraced houses, to hipped roof conversions incorporating dormer windows in semi-detached and detached houses.
Contact us today at Loft Conversion Ewell to speak about your needs. Do not waste any time, contact us at Loft Conversion Ewell right away, and we will begin the process of putting the plans together for your loft conversion.
We provide a full range of services from design to completion, including installation of electrics, plumbing and heating. Our extensive and proven industry experience means that we can provide a full range of services from design to completion.
The final product was past our desires and space they created for us has turned into a basic piece of our everyday living. To create extra space, rooms, play regions, and pastimes room and to give some examples and shockingly a huge level of loft conversions to fit these necessities will just require Loft Conversion Ewell windows.

A Loft Conversion Ewell Loft Conversion Can Add Value to Your Home

Loft conversions from Loft Conversion Ewell in Ewell makes full use of wasted space and will increase the value of your property. Contact Loft Conversion Ewell in Ewell right now, and we will be more than happy to create a design loft for your conversion, it can also increase the value of your home by as much as 20%.

Loft Conversions in Ewell, Surrey

As part of our architectural work, we often complete the designs for loft conversions in Ewell. You can be as reserved or as bold as you would like with your loft conversions in Ewell.

Professional Loft Conversion Service from Loft Conversion Ewell

Loft Conversion Ewell, as a professional loft conversion firm, it carries out a full plans submission to the local authority before works commence. Loft Conversion Ewell recommends, that you should hire a professional loft conversion company for more complicated loft conversions such like mansard, hip-to-gable or dormer conversions.

Loft Conversion Options in Ewell, Surrey

The larger loft conversion options such as dormer and mansard conversions are becoming increasingly popular within the Ewell area due to the available space within properties in the area. There are multiple different loft conversion options, such as mansard loft conversions, dormer loft conversions and hip to gable loft conversions.

Loft Extensions by Loft Conversion Ewell

One of our preferred advantages to having a loft extension is having the option to include huge windows that are floor to roof, giving the room both an enormous regular lighting passageway and an excellent and alluring feel. Loft rules were relaxed back in 2008, so you don't need permission for every loft extension but it is safe to check before start working.