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Planning Permission

Submitting an application for planning permission can be very expensive and tiresome. Most times in Colchester, the construction works carried out are minor, so a planning permission is not needed. Loft Conversion Colchester know that as you are making use of existing space, they often don't encounter any issues with planning permission and still leave you valuable garage or garden space. Loft Conversion Colchester roof terraces always require planning permission so are dependent on your local planners for permission.

At Loft Conversion Colchester, company offer an amazing project that will add an extensive figure to the resale value of your home, just as significantly expanding your floor plan. A Loft Conversion Colchester loft conversion could add 20% to the value of your home!
Loft Conversion Colchester offer a comprehensive service to all our Colchester clients and we aim to transform lofts into practical, affordable and inviting spaces working builders and carry out all aspects of your loft conversion or loft extension project in Colchester, from initial loft design right through to full completion. Loft Conversion Colchester loft extensions will use the unused space in your home and add more rooms so call 01206 912 463.
Loft Conversion Colchester has more than 10 years experience in the development and arranging and is all around confided in Colchester and encompassing areas. At Loft Conversion Colchester, we have many years of experience in offering our services to our totally satisfied clients in Colchester, Tiptree, Layer-de-la-Haye, and the surrounding areas
Before you jump into hiring a loft conversion specialists company, consider going through the Loft Conversion Colchester reviews and chatting with our specialists. Loft Conversion Colchester is the premier loft conversion company in Colchester and we have a team of highly trained loft conversion specialists.

A Loft Conversion Colchester Loft Conversion Can Add Value to Your Home

If you wish to carry out a loft conversion or an extension or if require additional space, Loft Conversion Colchester can help you organize your new space and maximize the potential. Here at Loft Conversion Colchester, with our structured project plans and many years of experience, we can help you manage your cost of loft conversion.

Loft Conversion Colchester Can Add Space to Your Home

If you no longer have space in your home, or require more room to house your expanding family, then the answer might have been directly around you the entire time, or more specifically, above you. In addition to improving the living space in your home, you can also transform a top floor into a small studio apartment if that is what you desire.

Garage Conversions by Loft Conversion Colchester

Loft Conversion Colchester offers interior and exterior conversions including loft conversions and garage conversions. Loft Conversion Colchester is based in Colchester for loft and garage conversions.

Loft Conversion Options in Colchester, Essex

Mansard loft conversion is the final and the most expensive option of loft conversion option within the city of Colchester and the surrounding areas. There are various loft conversion options and Loft Conversion Colchester will gladly help you find the best solution given the circumstances of your property construction.

En-suite Loft Conversion by Loft Conversion Colchester

Loft Conversion Colchester has complete loft conversion with en-suite. Loft Conversion Colchester has completed a loft conversion with en suite for us earlier this year, and we are very happy with the services.