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Planning Permission

So if you did choose to go ahead with the conversion or extension from our building services, these would be used in the creation process of your new room (s) and for the council, should they require them for any planning permission. If you want to confirm whether you are included under the permitted building development legislation, or you are not sure whether you need planning permission, talk to Loft Conversion Burnley on 0800 246 1272. Now, under the more relaxed pd rights, some families have enjoyed up to 75% extra extension space without needing any planning permission. Know that we will liaise with the Burnley city council in order to obtain planning permission, making it possible for you to have your dream loft conversion.

Are you interested in building a loft conversion in Burnley? Do not hesitate to call us if you need help with any of the following building services; builders, extension builders, building companies, driveway layers, loft conversions in Burnley and professional floor tillers.
Once you have met a specialist from Loft Conversion Burnley loft conversion company, you are more than ready to come to a decision on which loft conversion company to hire. After reading Loft Conversion Burnley loft conversions Burnley reviews and meeting a specialist from the company, you are more than ready to come to a decision on which loft conversion company to hire.
Loft Conversion Burnley has the best team of advisors that will guide you about the dormer loft conversion that you need for your room conversions and will definitely suggest you the conversion that will increase the space of your room. We will tell you about all the requirements including style of property, space and size of loft, all construction requirements, all plastering, plumbing and electrical requirements, flooring, ceilings, walls, painting etc. Other types of loft conversion are not as popular as dormer loft conversion service in Burnley.
Loft Conversion Burnley are a qualified group who undertake all aspects of loft conversion work from minor building fixes to full re-rooftops over the UK and we are qualified roofers with more than 10 years experience with a high calibre of work and like to ensure consumer loyalty. Here at Loft Conversion Burnley, we have more than 20 years of experience in all kinds of building work. You can always expect us to provide the highest standard of quality.

A Loft Conversion Burnley Loft Conversion Can Add Value to Your Home

A loft conversion in Burnley gives our clients the extra space they crave. You will be introduced to the project manager who will be your first point of contact in Burnley and in charge of your loft conversion on the first day of the work.

Loft Conversion Burnley Can Help You

There are many practicalities to consider when on a loft conversion and if you are looking to work on a house in Burnley or the surrounding areas then Loft Conversion Burnley can help you. Loft Conversion Burnley can help you with any structural work you rewire, including your roof repair or to joist your rotten floor.

Loft Conversion Burnley Help Loft Conversion Planning

Planned loft conversion is always the best choice. You can get a professional adviser for the loft conversions plans by hiring the experts from Loft Conversion Burnley. Here at Loft Conversion Burnley in Burnley we will plan your loft conversion so that it fits your home and surroundings.

Loft Conversion Burnley Create Additional Living Space

Having a loft conversion allows you to maximize the use of unused space that you already have in your home, and at the same time provides you with the necessary space for you and your family, do not hesitate to contact with Loft Conversion Burnley in Burnley right now. The additional living space ,created by a loft conversion from Loft Conversion Burnley can be used for a variety of reasons; additional space for a growing family, spare bedrooms for guests, office space, games room.

Complete Loft Conversion Service in LOBurnley, Lancashire

Founded more than 35 years ago, Loft Conversion Burnley is one of the first Burnley companies involved in loft conversion, and prides itself on its high standard of craftsmanship and full service from first plans to final plaster. In addition to this, Loft Conversion Burnley also offers complete design services.